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4G wireless landline

Support VOLTE HD voice call, no internet connection while calling. HD call function.

4G HD camera 2mp

4G intelligent HD monitoring boasts 90 ° 320 ° Rotating Vertical Rotating security panoramic view

4G UFI Dual Antenna

It essentially converts wired Internet signals into wireless signals via wifi wireless routers

Black external four-antenna CPE

2 built-in WIFI antennas to give full play to the powerful wireless performance and enhance signal stability.

4G WiFI Dongle

Wireless Internet card refers to a wireless WAN card that connects to a wireless WAN.The role and function of a wireless Internet card is equivalent to a wired modem.

Ufi charging compartment

Intelligent power saving technology effectively reduces power consumption to provide stable output current, with circuit protection system to make you more comfortable


MiFi is a portable broadband wireless device that combines the functions of a modem, router and access point

4 megapixel 4G HD camera

4G HD camera 4G direct connection without wifi, no wiring plug and play, HD panoramic tracking and shooting bearing drive, with HD night vision system, can also see clearly at night


A solar panel is a device that directly or indirectly converts solar radiation into electrical energy through the photoelectric effect or photochemical effect by absorbing sunlight.

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Mainboard power debugging

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